Sacks, Glazier Franklin & Lodise Named to Daily Journal’s “Top Boutiques in California” List

In recognition of the firm’s success in the area of trusts and estates litigation, Sacks, Glazier Franklin & Lodise was featured in Daily Journal’s 2020 list of “Top Boutiques in California.” The article noted that the firm has maintained a narrow focus to best litigate the unique issues that often arise in high-stakes disputes over end-of-life probate concerns.

When asked about the founding of the firm, partner Meg Lodise commented, “I wanted to be in a smaller firm, and Bob and Terry and I had known each other for years when we got together. It’s great to have a personal connection with the people you serve and the people you work with.”

In one high-profile representation, Meg concluded her term as guardian ad litem in early 2020 for the minor children of entertainer Michael Jackson. The probate court appointed her soon after Jackson’s death in 2009.

Bob Sacks noted: “As a third-year associate at Morrison and Foerster, I was asked to work on a trust contest and I loved it. I ended up as a founding partner of Ross, Sacks, Glazier in 1991.” Recently, he successfully defended a family trust against claims that a family member had pledged $18 million to a charity shortly before his death.

Terry Franklin has an unusual story from his ancestry that coincidentally benefits one who practices probate litigation. In 2014, exploring his family’s history, he learned he’s descended from a slave owner, John Sutton, and his slave Lucie. Terry found a 19th century will in which Sutton directed the sale of livestock to fund the relocation to freedom of his “mulatto slave Lucie” and her children. Sutton’s brother contested the will but lost.

Terry tells the tale at meetings of probate practitioners. “And he tells it well,” Bob said. “I’ve heard him and you can see people tearing up.”

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