Heirs Property and Generational Land Loss – Terrence Franklin Hosts ACTEC Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity Video

In the prior ACTEC Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity video, Black Farmers, Land Loss and the Racial Economic Gap, the series discussed the historical and economic impact of discrimination on black farmers and the particular issues they’ve faced in dealing with the loss of their property. “Heirs Property and Generational Land Loss” follows up on that topic to examine what heirs property is, how it has impacted people of color, and what has been done to correct the issue.

Partner Terrence Franklin moderated the discussion with guests, ACTEC Fellow David J. Dietrich and Professor Thomas W. Mitchell. Dietrich and Mitchell are experts in heirs property and helped draft the Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act (UPHPA).

View the video here.

The video series was created as a project of ACTEC’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity Committee, funded by The ACTEC Foundation, and will continue throughout 2021 featuring new guests and topics each month. For further information about ACTEC’S Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity Committee, visit: https://www.actec.org/diversity