Black Deaths Should Matter, Too! Estate Planning as a Tool for Antiracists – Terrence M. Franklin, Published: ACTEC Law Journal, Fall 2021

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Terry Franklin and Bob Sacks Contribute Article on Trust & Estate Litigation Trends to American Law Institute – CLE

Terry Franklin and Bob Sacks’ article, “Hot Topics in Estate, Trust & Conservatorship Litigation: Contests After Death, Pre-Death Contests, and Intentional Interference with Expected Inheritance (Among Other Things)” was recently published in the American Law Institute – CLE Estate Planning Course Materials Journal.The article addressed:

  • Capacity and undue influence issues that come up in will and trust contests, and specifically whether a different standard does, and should, apply to a challenge to a trust as opposed to a will.
  • Pre-death contests in both conservatorship or guardianship proceedings and under pre-death validation statutes.
  • Lawsuits that claim someone has intentionally interfered with the inheritance rights of another.
  • Practical tips for estate planners tied to situations in the planning stage where concerns arise about a possible future challenge on capacity or undue influence grounds.

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