Landmark Civil Rights Cases Decided by the Supreme Court – Terrence Franklin Hosts ACTEC Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity Video

“Equal Justice Under Law” is inscribed on the front of the United States Supreme Court, but in practice, the law has bent over time to reflect the attitudes of society and justices. As host of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel’s (ACTEC) video series Planning for a Diverse and Equitable Future, Partner Terrence Franklin leads a discussion with ACTEC Fellow Sandra J. Chan and Professor Christopher W. Schmidt about America’s long and continuing march to equality through the lens of critical Supreme Court cases, which in some instances were reversed in later judgments.

Watch “Landmark Civil Rights Cases Decided by the Supreme Court” here.

The award-winning video series was created in 2021 as a project of ACTEC’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity Committee, funded by The ACTEC Foundation, and will continue throughout 2022 featuring new guests and topics each month. For further information about ACTEC’S Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity Committee, visit: