Matt McMurtrey Appointed as Chair of California Lawyers Association’s Trusts and Estates Executive Committee

Partner Matt McMurtrey has been appointed as Chair of the California Lawyers Association’s Trusts and Estates Executive Committee. His term will be effective at the close of the 2021 CLA Annual Meeting on September 26, 2021, and complete at the close of the 2022 CLA Annual Meeting. McMurtrey previously served as Vice-Chair of the Committee for the 2020-21 term and has served in several editorial roles for the Section’s highly respected law journal Trusts and Estates Quarterly.

More than 7,000 lawyers statewide are members of the Trusts and Estates Section of CLA and have a broad variety of practices, including planning, administration, conservatorships and litigation. The Executive Committee of the Section, commonly known as TEXCOM, is comprised of 35 attorneys who volunteer their time for a six-year term to work towards a logical development of the law in the field of trusts and estates.

Nearly every year TEXCOM authors Affirmative Legislative Proposals on topics affecting Section members, seeking a legislator to sponsor proposed bills. In 2020, amendments to Probate Code sections 21385 changing the presumption of undue influence created under Lintz v. Lintz (2014) 222 Cal. App. 4th 1346 emanated from TEXCOM, as did amendments to Probate Code section 21380 and 21611 protecting elders from caregivers.

TEXCOM also selectively submits Amicus Curiae Briefs on topics affecting the development of the law of trusts and estates. TEXCOM submitted CLA’s first amicus brief and participated in oral argument at the California Supreme Court in Barefoot v. Jennings (2020) 8 Cal.5th 822.

Learn more about the CLA Trusts and Estates Section here.