Meg Lodise Presents on “Diversity, Culture and Ethics in Estate Planning” at 66th Annual Estate Planning Seminar

Partner Meg Lodise is speaking on the panel “Touching the Third Rail: Diversity, Culture and Ethics in Estate Planning,” at the 66th Annual Estate Planning Seminar hosted by the University of Washington and the Estate Planning Council of Seattle.

The best estate planners seek to understand all aspects of their clients’ lives, including the information clients are reluctant to share. However, one area that clients are often eager to share, but planners are reluctant to discuss, is the impact of culture, religion and faith on estate planning. The panelists will examine how various faiths think about estate planning, how those beliefs may impact planning and the ethical implications of considering faith, culture and diversity when working with clients.

The seminar is being held October 28, 2021, at the Washington Convention Center in Seattle. read more.