Daily Journal Profiles Sacks, Glazier, Franklin & Lodise’s Flourishing Litigation Practice in Southern California

In the Daily Journal article, “Emotional Rollercoaster”, Sacks, Glazier, Franklin & Lodise attorneys discuss the thriving business for trusts, estates and conservatorship disputes in Southern California, which are at the heart of the firm’s litigation practice. The firm represents both sides of the equation in trusts, estates and conservatorship disputes, counting major universities, charities and banks among its clients.

  • “We’re a litigation firm that specializes in trust and estates as opposed to trust and estate lawyers who do litigation,” Partner Kenneth M. Glazier said. “That may seem like a distinction without a difference but we’re litigators first and foremost.”While involved with a number of high-profile affairs, the firm’s attorneys remain a grounded team. One highly publicized matter involves the late Michael Jackson, where Partner Margaret Lodise was appointed by the court to represent the financial interest of Jackson’s three children in his estate.While the firm advises clients about the financial and emotional costs of taking a case to court, “the firm will ultimately go to trial for clients if that’s what they choose,” said Partner Terrence Franklin. Furthermore, as society evolves, the firm stays apprised on “hot topics” in their practice including digital assets such as Facebook accounts, Yahoo accounts and bank accounts.Read profile