Jessica Uzcategui to Present at 39th Annual Duke University Estate Planning Conference

Partner Jessica Uzcategui is speaking on “Fiduciary Litigation Topics In Depth” at the 39th Annual Duke University Estate Planning Conference. Ms. Uzcategui will discuss recent trends in five areas of fiduciary litigation: (1) the overlap of fiduciary standards and the business judgment rule when trusts hold business interests, (2) the liability of a trustee when investments decline in value, (3) a beneficiary’s standing to sue for breach of trust and other remedies, (4) the extent to which beneficiaries of revocable trusts can demand information for the period while the trust was revocable, and (5) the intersection of trusts and family law.

The conference is being held October 12-13, 2017 and consists of a series of lecture sessions designed to examine current developments in the estate and gift tax field; strengthen the practitioner’s knowledge and application of estate planning techniques to a multitude of diverse and complex problems; and to provide a forum for the discussion of important estate planning problems and their solutions. Faculty members have been selected for their knowledge of the subjects, presentation skills, and ability to communicate.