Sacks, Glazier, Franklin & Lodise Prevails from Trial through Appeal and Beyond

In mid-2012, lawyers Robert Sacks and Lisa Wick represented a Trustee in a multi-day trial on numerous claims brought by the Trustee’s sisters. Those sisters, along with the Trustee, were beneficiaries of their parents’ Trust. The sisters stated numerous claims which included challenging Trust amendments executed by their father but not their mother, as well as numerous property deeds executed only by their father, all of which favored the Trustee as a beneficiary. Although the Trust stated that any amendments had to be signed by both parents, the Trustee’s position prevailed on all grounds at trial. The sisters appealed, and lawyers Robert Sacks, Matthew McMurtrey handled the appeal. In October 2014, the Court of Appeal affirmed the trial court decision on all grounds. The sisters filed a Petition to Review with the Supreme Court of California, and in February 2015, that Court denied the Petition. The result was that the Trustee was not removed, was not liable for any damages, and as a beneficiary, retained extremely valuable real properties.